North Shore Connects is working on a suite of projects to improve transportation and reduce traffic congestion on, to and from the North Shore.


Metrotown-Park Royal Bus Rapid Transit (BRT):

North Shore Connects is proud to announce the Mayors’ Council decision to formally endorse the Metrotown-Park Royal Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor. This significant development promises enhanced mobility for residents, workers, and recreational users in the North Shore area. As the top-performing regional route in the evaluation, the time is ripe for proactive measures to prioritize transportation enhancements in the North Shore and channel investments into the region. Read More.

Learn more about the benefits of rapid transit to the North Shore.

Upper Levels Corridor Study:  North Shore Connects is working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to support the development of a long-term plan for the section of Highway 1 between Lynn Valley Road and the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Learn more about a plan for coordinated, multi-modal highway network improvements: highway-1-99-north-shore-corridor-study.pdf (

Lower Level Road:  North Shore Connects is working together to evaluate a western Lower Level road extension, a secondary east-west connector from the Park Royal area to West 1st across the Capilano River. This project would help to alleviate traffic congestion on Marine Drive, improve port-related goods movement, provide improved transit options, and improve walking and cycling connections.

Active transportation:  North Shore Connects is working together with TransLink and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to deliver improved walking and cycling infrastructure on the North Shore. Priority projects include the Lower Lynn Interchange Project, extending the Spirit Trail east across Lynn Creek and Seymour River, improving cycling connections at the Lions Gate and Iron Workers Memorial bridgeheads, expanding the new e-bike share program, and expanding our sidewalk and protected bike lane networks between town centres.


Many mobility improvements have already been delivered with support from other partners, including:

R2 Marine Drive Rapid Bus:  We’re working with TransLink to update the bus lane to boost bus services between the North Shore and other areas in the Lower Mainland. Current modifications to a 1 KM stretch of road in the City of North Vancouver are anticipated to decrease eastbound travel times for TransLink’s R2 Rapid Bus service by 6 minutes during peak hours. Read More

In operation since April 2020, the R2 Marine Drive Rapid Bus east-west service operates between Park Royal in West Vancouver and Phibbs Exchange in North Vancouver District. The service is fast, frequent and convenient, and has the ability to carry up to 1,650 people per hour, both directions combined. Read More

222 Bus:  A new express bus service across the Second Narrows Bridge connecting the regional rapid transit network with the North Shore to provide faster and broader access to the rest of the region was introduced in 2020. The service runs from Phibbs Exchange to Metrotown, every 7-8 minutes during peak hours. Read More

Lime E-Bike Share:  The launch of the Lime e-bike share system in August 2021 supports active transportation on the North Shore, and North Shore Connects will continue to expand and improve pedestrian and cycling networks, making it easier for people to use alternative modes. Read More

SeaBus:  Wrapped in Indigenous artwork, the new Burrard Chinook means the SeaBus can run at ten-minute frequency sailings more reliably. This additional vessel allows an older SeaBus to be used as a spare vessel during peak sailing hours. Read More

Lower Lynn Improvements project:  Completion of the Lower Lynn Interchange Improvements is expected this fall. The new interchanges will dramatically improve safety and traffic flow through the area and better separate local and regional traffic. The project also significantly improves active transportation connections across the Lower Lynn area. Read More

Spirit Trail Eastern Extension: Once completed, the eastern extension of the Spirit Trail will provide a continuous active transportation connection linking key destinations and neighbourhoods between Seymour River and Deep Cove. Read More